4 simple tricks on how to organize your fridge

 An organized fridge is very important in one’s adulting journey because it ensures that one does not starve to death because they have what they need to eat. So here are 4 simple tricks on how you can organize your fridge.

1. Clean your fridge

If you clean your fridge regularly you will have some sort of inventory of what is about to go bad which will prompt you to use it before the sell by date, saving you some coins. Cleaning your fridge will also ensure that all the stuff that has gone bad is gotten rid of, giving you an idea of what to add to your grocery list.

2. Use organization containers

Organization containers ensure that your fridge is organized, duh!

3. Store food according to categories

Put food according to their categories. You can have categories like drinks, dairy, fruits, vegetables, condiments etc. This will make it easier for you to find stuff in your fridge because you know where to find it.

4. Only buy what you need

How many times have you bought some fruits or vegetables because they were either on sale or you thought you might need them but never got around to using them? Every time you throw something out of the fridge because it went bad think of how much it cost….thats how much you’re throwing away!

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