13 gifts under $30 any woman would love to receive for her first apartment

Struggling to find an affordable gift to give your loved one for their first apartment? Worry not! Here are 13 gift ideas you could get for less than $30.

1. Bathroom shelf

A bathroom shelf will come in handy when it comes to organizing the bathroom. Don’t know where to get one? Just browse Pinterest for bathroom shelves inspiration, download a picture of the one you like and find a carpenter to make it for you.

2. Area rug

Area rugs, commonly referred to as a mat in Botswana, help make spaces look cozy because they add some oomph to bare floors.

3. Curtains

Listen sis, one can never have enough curtains. So when in doubt when it comes to gifts for an apartment, opt for curtains. Chances are your loved one is probably using a sheet or blanket as a curtain in one of the windows in her apartment so she’ll appreciate one.

4. Bed sheets

Make sure you check the size of your loved one’s bed before getting them bed sheets.

5. House plants

Whether you get live ones or fake ones, house plants are a great gift.

6. Wall art

Just browse for some free printables on Pinterest, download them and frame them. Pep stores has affordable frames. Don’t have a printer or toner? Just go to an internet cafes.

7. Wall mirrors

Not only are they a great aesthetic, they are also useful.

8. Drinkware

People usually get mugs or water glasses as gifts so they are pretty much basic. So opt for getting some really nice wine glasses instead.

9. Scented candles

Unlike air fresheners, the scent from scented candles lasts longer.

10. Continental pillows

Adulting requires you to have a “grown folks bed” and continental pillows definitely add that “grown folks element” needed when making a bed.

11. Knife set with a chopping board

A good knife set with a good chopping board is enough to motivate one to do some cooking.

12. Shoe rack

A shoe racks saves some room space because shoes are kept in one place plus it makes it easier to locate your shoes when you need them…so they’ll be no need to reach for the broom to search for them under the bed.

13. Blender

Just think of all the smoothies your loved one will enjoy making with it.

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