5 Secrets to making your bed look luxurious

Do you desire to have a bed that looks like it belongs in a room in a luxurious hotel? Try these six secrets to upgrade your bed and making it look more “Pinteresty”.

Tip 1 Get an upholstered headboard

An upholstered headboard will give your bed that sophisticated element, making it look classy.

Tip 2 Get continental pillows

Just get them…you’ll see why they work, they just have that thing.

Tip 3 Get a simple comforter with very minimal prints

Get rid of that moi-moi heavy duty blanket and replace it with simple comforter with very minimal prints. Blankets with a lot of random colourful prints tend to look tacky!

Tip 4 Add some throw cushions

Cushions make a bed look stylish and cosy because they add some character to a bed. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with them.

Tip 5 Add a throw blanket at the end of the bed

A throw blanket will bring the whole look together, it adds that glamorous and   “bougie” factor to a bed and leaves it looking luxurious.

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