10 Questions you should ask a guy before dating him that no one thinks about

There are numerous books and web series about what questions to ask a guy before committing to him. …”what are your long term goals” “where do you see yourself in five years” …that kind of thing. Most women have asked these questions, gotten impressive answers and made a decision to date a guy, only to find out they shouldn’t have dated him in the first place. . That is because they forgot to ask the other important questions, the ones that will help them determine whether or not a situationship will end in a long term committed relationship.. So we’ve made a list of the other important questions you should ask a guy before committing to date him.

#1 Do you believe believe in monogamy?

In this day and age, it open relationships have become very popular so if you are interested in being in a monogamous relationship it is important to find out if your potential partner wants one too.

#2 How often would you like to have sex?

You need to know whether your sex drives are compatible.

#3 Are you over your ex?

You don’t want to invest your emotions on someone who still has feelings for someone else.

#4 Do you believe in God?

Religion is such a big part of a person’s life and it is is very important to find out if you share the same beliefs early in the relationship.

#5 How often do you hang out with your friends?

Some people are overly committed to their friends, so figure out if your potential boyfriend is one of those people.

#6 How do you prefer to communicate?

Is he a caller? A texter or a DMer? You don’t want to find yourself blowing up his phone with texts when he prefers calls or vice versa.

#7 What is your love language?

Some women have been in relationships where they did everything for a guy, did his laundry, cooked and cleaned his home and he still left them. Then they cry and say wonder if they were not enough. Chances are they do all these things (acts of service) as a way of showing love when in reality the guy’s love language is physical touch or even words of affirmation.

#8 How often are you on social media?

You need to figure out if your potential boyfriend lives for social media or not.

#9 How is your relationship with your siblings?

Some people are so close with their siblings that they let them become the directors of their relationships, so just check if your guy is one of them.

#10 How often do you go out?

You don’t want to find yourself wide awake at 2 am in the morning, every weekend, waiting for your guy to call you back.

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