5 things in the kitchen that people are using to boost their libido!

Every year there is some sort of home remedy for spicing up tlof tlof that trends on social media! Social media users have found convenient items from their kitchen to spice up their tlof tlof! Here is a list of five things that women now swear by;

1. Cinnamon and milk

Although this mixture hasn’t been medically tested, people are convinced that it not only boosts women’s libido, it is also alleged to tighten women’s lady parts! Apparently half a teaspoon of cinnamon poured into a glass of warm milk and consumed an hour to 30 minutes before the tlof tlof does wonders.

2. Halls Extra Strong Menthol flavoured sweets

Yes, those Halls sweets with a black wrapper! People swear by them. How to use them you ask? Apparently that cold feeling you get from sucking them works wonders when giving head!

3. Stoney Ginger Beer Soft Drink

Shocking right? Apparently people rub it on their lady bits in order to tighten down there! Feminine hygiene is very important, unfortunately not everyone knows how dangerous it is to shove stuff up the vajayjay or rubbing stuff on it may result in infections! Check out this post on feminine hygiene tips to find out more about caring for your lady bits.

4. Pineapples

Did you know that eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice can change the taste of vaginal secretions and semen? Although no research exists to definitively answer the question of whether pineapple sweetens the taste of private parts, a lot of people swear by it because of the famous “you are what you eat” phrase.

5. Chilli pepper

Chilli peppers create heat and improves circulation and blood flow for erections.  Apparently if a man eats it before the deed it guarantees fire and pleasure!

Please note that it is very dangerous to put things that have not been confirmed by medical professionals in or on your vajayjay. Always do proper research before trying all these gimmicks you see on social media.

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