5 things you need before you get your tlof tlof on

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any brand and is in no way promoting promiscuity!

Here’s the thing about this blog…we want to talk about things that aren’t really talked about because everyone just assumes you know what you need to know. So this blog post is about the things you need before you get your freak on.

1. Consent

No sexual activity of any kind should be done without mutual consent! So don’t engage if you don’t feel like it and don’t engage if you’re just doing it because you think that’s what is expected from you. Be vocal about your feelings and never let anyone force you to do anything you don’t want to do.

2. Tebelopele status card

You should NEVER sleep with anyone before knowing your status and their status. And if you don’t feel comfortable enough to ask for it from the person, it is just a clear indicator that you should not be sleeping with them! Yes, we all know that HIV does not make anyone less human and you can live a positive life with it but that doesn’t mean you should be ignorant and careless. Both you and your partner should know your status so that you know what precautions to take when being intimate.

And if either you or your partner is positive, don’t freak out. You can have a healthy sex life with all the precautions that need to be taken. Just know both of your statuses first.

3. Condoms

It is 2020 so girl start carrying your own condoms. Just get into a store and buy the ones you prefer, be it dotted, ribbed or in whatever flavor you want. Stop letting condoms be the sole responsibility of the guy. Always keep an extra pack in your bag so that you’re always ready! Don’t know which brand to get? Try the Durex condoms here.

4. Lube

Listen sis, vaginal dryness is common and can stubbornly resist foreplay! So start using lube. Get a lubricant that is compatible with condoms so that when the condom gets a little less lubricated during the act, you can just add some more.

If you are in a committed relationship and have stopped using condoms, try using the Durex intimate lubes, they have different fragrances and can also be used as a massage gel. Their lubes are also water soluble which makes them easy to wash off as they don’t stain. Another great thing about their lubes is that they are easily absorbed into the skin so they won’t leave you sticky or oily in your intimate areas. And guess what? Because of their fragrance, the room won’t smell like sex! We highly recommend them.

You can get the Durex intimate lubes at most supermarkets and all pharmacies. The cost differs from store to store but they don’t cost more than P150.00. The 200 ml lube is more than enough, doesn’t matter how much sex you have, it will be worth the price! Check them out here to find out which one you want to try.

5. Feminine wipes

After getting some tlof tlof, make sure you pee and clean your lady bits. You don’t need to take a full bath, you can just squat in the shower and clean yourself. Get your partner to also wash their intimate parts (normalize this). Alternatively, you can use feminine wipes to clean yourself.

Now you can cuddle!

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