Uhmm..sis…you need to limit your social media time! Here are 4 reasons why.

Adulting in the 21st century has many perks, one of them is easy access to internet! The digital age ensured that we have it all, pretty much anything can be done online. Social media has also made the world a global village…literally! Whatever niche you are interested in, you can find inspiration on social media. As amazing as it is, social media has some downsides. So here are a few reasons why you should limit your social media time.

1. You scroll aimlessly

Content on social media has no end! It is so easy to find yourself mindlessly scrolling and before you know it, the day has gone by. So it is very important to know why you’re logging onto any social media platform and to set when you should have logged out.

2. You get so inspired then demotivated

There you are watching your favourite girl boss, she has inspired you to get up and get your life, you’re hyped and ready to take life on…suddenly you get demotivated! How are you going to do this because you don’t have that, sounds familiar right? That’s because too much of anything is never good for you. So again….LIMIT YOUT TIME ONLINE!

3. Green eyed monster, is that you?

Ever found yourself scrolling through someone’s account and thought to yourself…she ain’t all that? Or she’s not that pretty? Or she’s overrated? That is just a sign that you have been mindlessly scrolling and you’re now starting to get jealous. Doing that makes you forget how amazing and blessed you are. It can easily make you to not be content and ultimately ungrateful!

4. Your peace is in turmoil

Social media can easily get your thoughts clouded with other people’s opinions and have you fighting battles that aren’t even worth your energy. You need to protect your peace at all costs…so if you feel a little turbulence, take some time off to recuperate.

We understand that some people can’t take a social media hiatus, that’s why we recommend limiting the time spent online.

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