Quarantining with Bae? Here are six fun things you can do during this time.

Now more than ever, people are spending time at home because of the pandemic. Forget superheroes and their capes. Staying at home has become the new way of save the world. This social distancing period has given a lot of couples an opportunity to connect with their partners. Staying home doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience, you can actually make it fun. Here are five practical, budget-friendly and fun things you can do with your partner in the comfort of your home during quarantine.

1. Have a date night.

Date Night helps with communication, which is an essential element of an intimate relationship. Spending time as a couple, away from other responsibilities, is very important because it offers couples the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual importance.

2. Have a game night.

Play some fun indoor games, it will help take your minds off the craziness that we’re now living in.  Stop watching the news and checking for updates every minute, take some time off to actually have fun. It will help you stay sane.

3. Cook a meal together.

Now that most restaurants have closed and you can’t go out on a dinner date, create one at home. Explore various cuisines or attempt to recreate your favourite restaurant’s menu.

4. Commit to watching a series together.

Again…don’t spend all your time watching the news. Pick a series you both may enjoy and commit to watching it.

5. Have a spa day.

Take some time off and give each other massages. If you don’t know how to do it, YouTube University is the best place to learn how to give a good massage.

6. Work out together.

Remember how we always complained about not having enough time to actually start working out? Now you have all the time in the world. Start working out with your partner and look snatched after quarantine.

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