The best quarantine workout routine

Corona virus has definitely put a damper on everyone’s plans for 2020. Vision boards and resolutions have pretty much been put on hold until further notice.

As much as it sucks that movement out of the home is limited, leaving us stuck at home with not much to do, there is actually something positive that is coming out of this whole experience…..TIME! So instead of turning into a couch potato and feeling miserable because you can’t go out, try this challenge.

The Chloe Ting 2 weeks shred challenge is an intense workout routine by personal trainer, Chloe Ting and everyone who has committed to doing it has had nothing but great results.

The challenge includes 3 sets with 7 exercises per set, with 5-0 seconds after each exercise and 15 seconds off between sets!!! It is pretty intense.

The great thing about the challenge is that Chloe Ting made a video showing you everything you need to do and how to it. She does all the exercises with you and continuously encourages you to keep going.

The challenge also requires you to make a few changes to your diet so that you get the best results.

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