Don’t want baby daddy drama? Try these 6 tips that will help you to co-parent successfully

The term “baby mama/daddy drama” has become so popular these days. People have normalized having a dysfunctional and toxic relationship with the person they are co-parenting with. A healthy co-parenting relationship is not only beneficial for the parents, it is also beneficial for the child as well.

Here are 6 tips that can help you co-parent successfully;

1. Accept that you and your ex are no longer together

It doesn’t matter why you’re no longer together…whether someone cheated or left to be with someone else, it doesn’t matter! Just accept that you are no longer together and move on with your life.

2. Never bad mouth your ex in front of your kid

Whether your baby daddy is a dead beat or your baby mama is crazy, never bad mouth them in front of your child. Your child doesn’t need to know how awful another half of them is.

3. Remember…it’s your child too

Stop complaining every time you spend on your child, whether it’s school fees or clothing, don’t complain. You are also responsible for the well being of your child.

4. Communicate with your ex about the child’s well being

That doesn’t mean you have to call your ex at an ungodly hour drunk, claiming to want to talk about the child. Call at a reasonable hour and calmly talk about the child’s well being.  You should also avoid using the child as a messenger.

5. Respect your ex’s new partner

You don’t have to send them disrespectful messages or harass them on social media. As long as it has nothing to do with the well being of your child, don’t bother them. It is actually more beneficial to have a healthy relationship with your ex’s new partner because that’s who your child will be around. You don’t have to be best friends, just be cordial.

6. Don’t stop the child from having a relationship with their other parent

The child needs to have a healthy relationship with their other parent, let them have it. Also, make it possible for your ex to call your number and talk to the child without you monitoring the call.

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