Wanna keep the spark alive? Try these 5 ways of maintaining the spark in a relationship

There are a few things as wonderful as finding that special someone to share your life with. Most people yearn to find someone who will be their #rideordie, someone who’ll be with them through thick and thin. But even when that happens, making the relationship work and keeping the spark alive is not always easy. Here are five useful tips to keep a relationship going no matter what life throws up.

1. Communicate

Talk to your partner about your feelings and your expectations. Unmet expectations are usually the cause of a lot of breakups. So learn to express yourself, in a calm and composed manner, about your expectations. And learn to listen to your partner too.

2. Do not cheat

Cheating breaks the trust your partner has in you. Even if they take you back after you cheat on them, they’ll never forget so just don’t do it. If you are unhappy in a relationship and it can’t be fixed then just end it.

3. Spend quality time together and apart

Learn to spend time with your partner, doing things you BOTH like, whether its watching a TV show or traveling, do it. But also learn to spend some time apart, doing individual hobbies.  You don’t have to leave the house, you can be in separate rooms doing something that makes YOU happy. Time apart from your partner makes you miss them.

4. Respect your partner

Never speak to your partner in a way that belittles them. Do not use what your partner’s insecurities against them.

5. Be an active participant when being intimate

Don’t just lay there like you are uninterested in what is happening. Participate when you and your partner get it on. Tell your partner what you want to experiment with, try different positions and locations. Play some sensual music, use some toys, look into each other’s eyes and kiss passionately.

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