5 genius styling tips that will make your outfit look great at no cost

Whether your clothes are from Fashion Nova or a high end boutique, every outfit can make heads turn. Here are three simple ways to look great without spending any money.

1. Wear clean clothes

Stains take attention from your outfit because people when you’re speaking to someone they’ll naturally focus on your stain. Also, when you’re wearing dirty clothes you tend to not walk with your head held high.

2. Iron your clothes

Wearing clothes that aren’t ironed will make you look like a homeless person! So just iron your outfit before wearing it.

3. Pair your clothes well

Avoid wearing prints with prints, it tends to look like a hot mess. If you are going to mix prints then make sure they have some kind of unifying element. This could be colors, style, or scale. You could also pair prints with neutral solid colours.

Also, try to minimize wearing identical colours at the same time, mix it up….it will look more put together.

4. Tie, Tuck, & Knot Your T- Shirt

Tucking in or tying your tee instantly makes your outfit look more flattering + pulled together. It will also make your waist look snatched.

5. Add a belt

Add a belt if you’ve layered your clothes to make your look. A belt pulls the whole look together and carves out your figure under all those clothes, so all those layers don’t swallow you up.

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