8 Hand bag essentials

Have you ever taken a moment to check what you actually carry around in your handbag every day? I certainly hadn’t until I saw a couple of “What’s in my bag” videos on YouTube. Old receipts, empty candy wrappers…you name it, it was in my bag! So I decided to organize it because I take my handbag with me every where I go. So it is only logical that it has whatever I need, whenever I need it. Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean I have to carry my whole house with me. So here are my 8 handbag essentials.

1. A wallet: It has your ID and your bank cards, never leave your house without it!

2. Hand sanitizer: I think the pandemic has shown us that these are essential.

3. Lip balm: You’ll need this to moisturize your lips so that they don’t get chapped.

4. Phone charger (with a detachable cord): In case your battery dies.

5. Tissues: They’ll come in handy…trust me.

6. Cash: Always keep a small amount with you…enough to get you something to eat or hail a cab.

7. Mints: Comes in handy after a meal.

8. Feminine products: Always carry a pad or tampon with you, even when you know you won’t get your period, you might help a sister out.

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