Skincare 101: 4 ways to make any skincare range work for you

Have you ever bought a skincare range, used it for a while and tossed it to side because it doesn’t work? You’re not alone sis, we’ve all been there! Sometimes we see convincing adverts or read great reviews about skincare products but when we try them out they never work for us…that can be so frustrating.  But did you know that most skincare products actually do what they claim to do? There are several tricks you can do to get the same result as the girl in the advert. Here are a few;

1. Choose a product for your skin type; Do you have oily skin or dry skin? Or maybe you have combination skin? Whatever your skin type is, choose a product that is specifically for it. If you have oily skin then stay away from products that are for dry skin…it will make your face shinier!

Image by Skinkraft

2. Consistency is key; You need to use products consistently for a while before any noticeable results can be seen. I’d advise you to use a product twice a day…every day for at least 6 – 8 weeks before you decide whether it works or not.

3. Take time washing your face; Most people spend less than 20 seconds washing their face and that’s not enough time for a product to do what it needs to do! You need to wash your face for at least 60 seconds (yes…a whole minute!) for your face wash to work. So next time you wash your face, set a timer or sing your favourite song (from start to finish) before rinsing.

4. Moisturize: Don’t just buy the face wash or soap, get the toner and moisturizer too! Face wash/soap strips oil from your face, leaving it dry so you need to moisturize (even if you have oily skin).

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