6 inexpensive ways to make your rental apartment look great

Any apartment can look good…whether it is a two bedroom apartment or even a one room apartment, it can look good! Here are three simple ways you can make it look better.

1. Choose your colour palette: You need to choose a few colours that you would love to have in your space and stick to them. When you buy new furniture or bedding, buy those colours because when everything looks similar it looks organized.

2. Add accessories: Get yourself throw pillows to add to your couch . Get an area rug to put in your living space, it will make it look different.

3. Clean it up: Make your bed, do the dishes and sweep your place every day. A clean place, whether big or small looks great when it is clean.

4. Add some greenery: Houseplants make a space feel cozy and homey.

5. Install floating shelves: Use floating shelves to show off a collection of decorative objects and mementos in your apartment.

6. Add some wall art: You can get free printables online, print them and frame them.

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