The Ultimate Diaper Bag Essentials

Let’s be honest…being a parent is hard. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are or how many parenting classes you take, IT IS HARD! Proper organization is that one thing that tries to make it a little easier.

Anticipating your child’s needs and preparing for them will make your life so much easier. So here’s a list of what you can pack in your baby’s diaper bag to prepare you for most things when you’re leaving your home with your baby.


  • Diaper bag: Get one with multiple pockets to help you organize your baby’s diapering essentials
  • Diapers: Always carry at least three diapers in your bag, even if you’re not planning to be out for long.
  • Portable changing mat: To use when changing baby.
  • Wipes: You can’t change diapers without them!
  • Small wet bag: Even if you aren’t using cloth nappies, these come in handy when you need somewhere to put soiled nappies when you can’t dispose them right after the diaper change.
  • Bib: Because eating can be a messy affair.
  • Burp cloth & Handkerchief: To wipe baby after burping, sneezing or whatever comes your way.
  • Extra outfit: Sometimes your baby’s diapers fail them and they may require an outfit change. Also try putting in an extra top for yourself.
  • Snacks: Try packing 2 baby food pouches for when your baby gets hungry.
  • Formula: If you’re not breastfeeding then you’ll need formula prepare a bottle for baby in case they get hungry.
  • Toy: It’ll keep them busy.
  • Paracetamol: If you have a sick baby or a teething baby or your baby just got their injection, this will come in handy.
  • Baby blanket: Because the weather can be unpredictable.


  • Nursing pads: If you are breastfeeding, always make sure you have these at all times.
  • Extra outfit: Because spit-up, blow-outs and leaky bottles happen and chances are you’ll be at the receiving end.
  • Nipple cream: If you’re a nursing mama then you’ll surely need this.

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