Considering spicing up your sex life with bedroom sweets? Read this first.

Bedroom sweets, the new sexual enhancers that have hit the streets. The “sweets” are said to be made from dried fruit and some herbs that will help women enhance their sex life. They allegedly help tighten the vagina, improves men’s libido and desire for you while also cleaning one’s system.

The sweets look like children’s sweets and apparently taste like them too. They are taken orally. The sweets are said to have supernatural powers, they claim to be able to bring back lost lovers and can make your lover give you money.

The sweets come in different varieties. The “Red Indian and Crystals” claim to increase libido (sweetness) and tightens the vagina, making you a virgin again. The Pink Pills allegedly remove all infections in a woman’s body. The black prune claims to make your lover desire only you. The peach sweet is alleged that it can make your partner marry you and guarantees that he will never leave you!.

The sweets are not registered with the Botswana any Medicines Regulatory Authority therefore you can’t really know for sure what the sweets have in them because they haven’t been studied to verify if they are safe and if they work.

Before you take them please consider the following points;

1. It is not safe to put anything in your body if you can’t find it in either a pharmacy, shop or any accredited seller. Why? Because if something goes wrong who are you going to hold accountable?

2. Most importantly, if a product is not registered with any Medicines Regulatory Authority be very wary of it. If the product isn’t publicly advertised then you should be cautious. Advertising on WhatsApp isn’t really publicly advertising.

3. If people are selling you anything that improves your sex life but it doesn’t require you to do anything or learn anything, it won’t work. If you want to improve your sex life the best this you could ever do is to sit down with your partner and discuss what you like or don’t like and what you would like to explore. Don’t feel comfortable doing that? Then you shouldn’t be sleeping with that person, PERIOD!

4. Never put anything into your body if the product does not list where it came from or what is in them. So all you will hear about the sweets is that it they are from India and China and they have some fruits in them.

5. Vaginal tightening? Trust me if this was an actual thing then you wouldn’t be able to get it so cheap on the market! Ever heard of kegel exercises? Do them!

6. Feminine health is very important, never consume stuff that claims to “clean you” off the streets unless it is openly and commonly used without any side effects. Learn to research about feminine health instead of believing what you see on Facebook.

What do you think of these sweets and pills? Do you think they are beneficial and will you be open to trying them?

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