Simple & affordable wash day routine

In my previous post I talked about starting my own affordable natural hair starter kit for people who want to go natural but can’t afford expensive products and tools. In this post I’ll simple hair care regimen that will help you maintain “healthy” hair.

I wash my hair every 3 to 4 weeks. I usually do a hot oil treatment on my hair every wash day but I didn’t include that step because I wanted to keep this routine very affordable.

1. De-tangle

You will use your conditioner and your fingers for this step. Just section your hair, apply conditioner to a section and use your fingers to get any knots out! Do this to all the section until all the knots in your hair are out.

2. Wash

Apply your favourite shampoo to your hair and gently message your scalp. Wash the shampoo out and repeat this step again.

3. Condition

After washing your hair apply your favourite conditioner to your hair, try to avoid applying it to your scalp. Usually conditioners state that you should leave them in your hair for 3 to 5 minutes, I prefer leaving it in for 10 to 15 minutes! Rinse it out.

4. Drying

Use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair….or just let it air dry.

5. Moisturizing & sealing

Section your hair, apply your moisturizer to the section, then apply your hair food to seal in the moisture and comb it with your brush. Once the section is de-tangles, just make a two strand twist or just braid it. Do this to all the sections.

And you’re done!! I try to keep my routine very short and basic because I just don’t like spending all day doing my hair.

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