6 Feminine hygiene tips EVERY girl needs to know!

Feminine hygiene is one of topics women hardly talk about…everyone pretty much assumes that you know how to take care of your lady bits. Some people are blessed enough to talk about it with their mothers, aunts or sisters. Unfortunately, some people aren’t as lucky to have that someone to talk to. So in this post we’ll tell you some tips on feminine hygiene that you need to know.

1. Natural scent

Your vagina (yes! Vagina! I don’t know why people shy away from calling it by its name) has a natural scent! Its not going to smell like flowers but it has its own special smell. What does it smell like? The only way for you to know is to smell it!! Regularly studying your scent will give you a clue of what your natural smell is and it makes it easier for you to know when something is wrong down there.

2. Cleaning

The vagina is self cleaning therefore you don’t have put anything (not even your finger!) in it to clean it. You don’t need to scrub the outside with a wash cloth and you DON’T need to use soap anywhere near it. Using soap will upset the vagina’s ph and cause yeast infections. All you need to clean it is water (without foam bath!). If you feel you need that extra clean feeling then you can look into feminine hygiene washes, just go to the nearest drugstore and get the one that suits your needs.

3. Keep her dry

Sis, your vagina needs to breath. Always to wear cotton underwear, avoid those common spandex underwear that we usually find in shops. Yes, you can occasionally wear your lace underwear but try sticking to cotton underwear. Also, avoid frequently wearing tight clothing like skinny jeans and leggings, opt for skirts and dresses.

Going to bed without underwear also helps.

4. Wiping

Always make sure you wipe yourself after peeing. Keep some tissue on you at all times, if you aren’t carrying your purse then put the issue in your bra! If you pat yourself dry after peeing it will make your underwear wet, making it smell and also creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

Please wipe from FRONT to BACK after you do your number 2. Don’t wipe from back to front because you will get dirt and bacteria into your vagina.

5. Period care

Bath at least twice a day when you are on your period, in the morning and in the evening. Make sure you change your pad or tampon every 3 to 4 times during the day. During the first two days of your period try using pads or tampons for heavy flow even if you don’t have one because it will give you peace of mind. You will not worry about stains when you stand up! You can switch to the medium flow pads or tampons on the third day.

Create yourself an emergency period package, just a small toiletry back with at least two pads/tampons, some panty liners, a small pack of wipes and a packet of headache powders.

Wanna know when your period is coming? Download yourself a period tracking app to track your periods. Our favorite is the My calendar app, it works offline, you just put in the date of your last period and it will estimate when you’ll get your next one, it also lets you know when you’re ovulating.

6. Yeast infections

Please say this out loud “a yeast infection is NOT an STI!” Unfortunately, a lot of people have been made to believe that yeast infections are sexually transmitted. Guess what? Anyone can get it… whether you’re a virgin, are celibate or sexually active! Yeast infections are caused by an increase of bad bacteria in your vagina.

You can get over the counter medicine to treat a yeast infection. Just go to a pharmacy and ask them for assistance.

Try making a few adjustments to your diet. Reduce your sugar and starch intake because consuming them in excess may be the cause of your yeast infections!

What feminine tips do you know that weren’t mentioned above?

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