Cheap natural hair starter kit

Going natural is one of the most exciting things that I have ever decided to do with my hair. After my big chop I went online to learn about how to take care of my hair. Video after video I watched naturalistas talking about how to take care of natural hair and the more I watched, the more I wanted to quit the journey before it even started.

So many products, so much money…I simply lost interest in natural hair because I could not afford all the products mentioned in the videos.

I went into panic mode for a while until I finally decided that I was going to create my own hair care routine with very affordable products and tools. I decided that I will make my very own starter kit, with everything I NEED to get by and get my hair to be “healthy.”

Here is my list of the essential products and tools your need in your kit that will help you get by;


Shampoo: Shampoos removes dirt excess oil from your hair. My favourite shampoo at the moment is the TRESemmé Moisture rich shampoo. You can get it at Clicks, Dischem and many retail store. I know it might seem a little costly for some people but the 900ml bottle will last you for months. If you really want to save I’d advise you to get your products at a wholesaler like Fours because they are so much cheaper. I know the queues there are usually longer but it is worth it. There are a couple of local natural hair brands like Fro girls and Ludo Beauty. You can try their shampoos too.

Conditioner: I am one of the people who did not know the importance of conditioning my hair until I went natural. If you want to have healthy hair then you need to make conditioner your best friend. Conditioner basically adds moisture back into your hair after your shampooing. I recommend the TRESemmé Moisture rich conditioner, just like the shampoo it will last for months. I actually used to think that TRESemmé products are for white people’s hair only until I saw people with afros using it in their videos!

Deep conditioner: Get yourself the Palmer’s Olive Oil deep conditioner to use as a moisture treatment. It is restores moisture and shine and strengthens weak brittle hair, helping it grow longer and minimizing breakage while leaving hair silky and healthy. Every once in a while you will need a protein treatment and we recommend the Originals by Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise. It is enriched with Natural Botanical Herbal Extracts, Vitamins, Egg Protein and Olive Oil to deep condition and repair weak or damaged hair.

Moisturizer: You can try the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. It provides intense moisture and will leave your hair feeling soft. It also helps to repair split ends and reduces frizz. We also recommend getting the Sta-Sof-Fro Braid Spray (Extra Dry) and using it a couple of times a week because it provides additional moisture.

Oils: Lets be honest….essential oils are kind of expensive in Botswana and by expensive I mean anything over P50.00! It may not be much to some people but for many people it is a whole lot. You could opt to use good old hairfood. Alternatively, you can use the MPL castor oil.


Satin Scarf / Bonnet: Ever since I was young I knew I had to cover my hair at night to preserve the style. What I didn’t know is that the material of your doek/scarf matters. Using molenza or doek made from polyester or any other material is not recommended because they suck out moisture from your hair. So instead of using molenza just get yourself a satin bonnet/scarf.

Hair brush: This brush is your best friend. It helps you de-tangle your hair.

Afro comb: Afro combs help you add volume to your de-tangled hair.

Rat tail comb: This comb is just needed for parting your hair when you style it. You don’t use it to comb your hair.

Cotton t-shirt: Using a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair after washing it will help you prevent tangles/knots that you are most likely to get using traditional towels.

Metal free hair bands: These are just for holding up your hair. Get yourself metal free hair bands to stop hair snagging because it causes breakage.

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