20 Bingeworthy female African Youtubers based in Africa that you need to watch

Youtube is the second most popular website in the world. Some people use it for entertainment, some use it as a means of earning an income (a lot of people have actually quit their jobs to be “full time Youtubers”) and most people use it to find out how to do things hence it is sometimes referred to as “The University of Youtube.”

In this post I’ll introduce you to some of the MANY Youtubers who are based in Africa that you need to start watching.


  1. Maxine Magwape

Maxine Magwape is popular for a makeup company in Botswana. She does bomb makeup and will have you looking snatched for the Gods during events, photoshoots and weddings. He channel offers a “daily dose of love, travel, beauty and fashion videos!”

2. Jessica Molefe

She is a makeup artist based in Botswana and mainly does makeup related content. Her channel is new and the quality of her videos is amazing.

3. Tumie Nthutang

She is a blogger and fashion stylist. She does travel videos, chit chats and beauty related content.

4. Gosego Katai

Gosego is a makeup artist, her content is mostly makeup related but she sometimes does vlogs.


1. ItsWoven

If you are interested in travel and beauty then you should definitely watch her channel. She also does vlogs showing the Namibian way of life so if you want to learn more about the culture then she is one of the people to watch.


1. Joanna Kinuthia

Joanna is a makeup youtuber based in Kenya, besides doing makeup videos she also does videos on her experiences as an entrepreneur and her journey to financial freedom.

2. Miss Trudy

Miss Trudy is a travel vlogger who wants to show the world the Africa they don’t usually get to see on tv.

3. Fashionable stepmum

Fashionable stepmum is a blogger who does videos about her life as a stepmom and her experiences raising a blended family. She also does videos on everything fashion.


1. Mpoomy Ledwaba

Nompumelelo (Mpoomy) Ledwaba, also known as “Mrs Mom” does videos on faith, relationships and lifestyle. She also started Our Love Journey, a docu-series in which married couples talk about their relationships, from finances to dealing with in-laws to intimacy.

2. Vongai Mapho

Vongai mostly does youtube videos on beauty, she also loves saving her coins so of you want to look good and live your best life while saving, her channel is for you.

3. Owamie Hlongwane Entertainment

Miss fear fokol as she is known by her ninjas (her youtube subscribers) is an entertainment blogger. So if you wanna know the lastest news in South Africa celebville, she is your plug. Her channel is not for sensitive people so if take things personally, stay away from her channel.

4. xx Khanya xx

Khanya is a social media coach and content creator. Her content mainly focuses on social media & digital entrepreneurship for nano influencers.

5. Kopano Shimange

Kopano is a personal brand and business consultant, communication specialist, speaker and founder of Women’s Network CLUBSHEIS.com. Her channel used to focus on natural hair but now features content related to motherhood, relationships and business.

6. Happily Ever Ditibane

This channel is run by a young South African married couple. They share their experiences as individuals and a young married couple as they navigate through life.

7. Naledi Mallela

Naledi does lifestyle content on her channel. She often features vlogs, sit down videos and mukbangs during which she shares her dating experiences, fashion favourites, beauty reviews and more.


1. Sisi Yemmie

Youtube vlogger and blogger Sisi Yemmie is a lifestlyle vlogger who also makes videos on recipies and motherhood.

2. Dimma Umeh

If you love all things fashion, beauty, travel and décor, Dimma is your plug.

3. Vivian Okezie

In her videos, Vivian Okezie offers quality videos, she mostly does lifestyle vlogs in Abuja and her playlists are always great.

4. Em Etetim

Listen…if you are a millennial and trying to adult, check Em’s channel. Her vlogs will show you how we, as millennials, are pretty much dealing with similar stuff despite cultural differences. Her vlogs are AWESOME!

5. Nelo Okeke

Nelo Okeke does lifestyle videos, mostly family videos. She gives viewers an unfiltered look into what being a woman, wife, mother and friend looks like for her.

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    1. She’s one of my faves too….there are so many people I could have included in the list but I didn’t want the post to be so long. Will make a part 2.

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