First time mom?6 things to expect during the first week postpartum

As a first time mom you have probably spent much of your pregnancy trying to picture what life will be like after your baby arrives so that you prepare yourself so that you can ease into your new role easily. You have probably imagined that you’ll spend hours and hours cuddling your baby and watching him/her sleep…right?

But have you ever thought about how you…the mom…will look like or feel like during the first week post-partum?

I am a first time mom and I can honestly tell you that nothing could have ever prepared me for my grueling first week post-partum. I thought the first week was going to be amazing because on social media people always shared these serene delightful pictures of themselves post-partum….and I thought I would experience the same thing…but I didn’t!!

So in this post I will share with you what you should expect during the week post-partum.


You will experience what I like to call “the heaviest period ever” After delivery you will experience a heavy flow of blood and mucus which can last for up to 10 days. After that the bleeding will get lighter and you may only need to wear a light pad or even a panty liner. Just make sure you still wear one at all times (even if you think you’re done bleeding), because it may surprise you because the light bleeding is expected to last for up to six weeks!


Your belly isn’t going to shrink back to its original size…after labour you will still look pregnant! It takes a few days for it to start looking like it does not have a baby in it.

Also your belly will look really dark and will feel really rough! No matter how much you moisturize…it will have this weird texture that disappears after a couple of weeks.


Because your nipples aren’t used to being sucked so frequently they will get dry and hard which will make them sore and will make the first days of breastfeeding very painful. Please check a pharmacy so that you can get a cream that will help with this.


You will become really thirsty if you are breastfeeding so try having some water nearby at all times.


Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, you could have been in labor for many hours. Delivering a baby is hard work and will drain you so after labour you will be extremely tired.

And you won’t be able to get much rest because a newborn wakes up every 2-3 hours to feed.


I’m sure most moms are filled with joy because they’ve just met their baby but you will experience mood swings! There’s a lot going on to trigger mood swings, including hormonal changes, physical discomfort, and getting used to your newborn’s demands. So don’t stress about why you aren’t feeling happy only, it’s normal.

But if you find yourself only feeling gloomy all the time after labour, please consult a doctor because you may be experiencing post-partum depression.

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